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How it Works?

Here you will see a tutorial on how the Design Studio works.
It's super easy! We promise.

Easy as - -

Our Design Studio is linked to your website. When your customers visit your site they now have the option to design a shirt themselves. They have different garments like T-shirts, Hoodies and Jackets to choose from. They also can choose from bags and hats in an array of colors. Lets get started below.


Pick a Garment Type

T-shirts (5 Styles / 52 Colors)
Fleece (4 Styles / 31 Colors)
Hats (4 Styles / 18 Colors)
Bags (4 Styles / 10 Colors)
Bottoms (2 Styles / 9 Colors)
Youth/Baby (3 Styles / 30 Colors)
Jackets (4 Styles / 10 Colors)
Collared (2 Styles / 23 Colors)


Add Image & Text

Pre-made Templates (200+)
Clip Art (2,000+)
Upload your own Images (Unlimited)
Fonts (200+)


Finalize the Quote

Select Quantities and Sizes
Enter Contact Information
Review your Quote
Click Quote Request

Select Qty and Size

That's It! Now all the information is sent to you.

What you receive

All the Customer Information
Shirt Type and Color
Quantities and Sizes
Mockups of what they designed
All Images
All Text
All Font types

In the email

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